T I K S T E R . N E T


If you are content creator, chances are you already know that content is king, no matter what the platform. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, creative content can go viral overnight. When the Chinese app, TikTok, was released for the rest of the world, no one anticipated that it would swiftly make its way to the top social media app for the youngsters. TikTok allows its users to create short videos that include everything, ranging from dancing to lip-syncing.

But it can be challenging for newbie TikTok creators to come up with content that can go viral because there is tough competition out there. You have to create content that cuts through all the noise and clutter, makes an impact, and engages the audience.

It is crucial to post content frequently to keep your audience engaged and get more likes and followers. The more you post to the platform, the higher the chances for one or more of your videos to go viral and make it to the top trending list. That being said, creating content that glues viewers to their screens is no easy feat. TikTokers need to stay on top of their game always – and they need to do that without losing their individuality that gives their content a unique personality.

The TikTok account with the most posts belongs to Chase Hudson with 5,461 posts. It sure isn’t easy making good music videos for a small time frame. See below for a list of the 50 top TikTokers based on posts. Click on the individual profiles to see more detailed statistics.