T I K S T E R . N E T


TikTok shot to fame after its launch outside of China some two years ago. Since then, we have seen teens and adults hooked to the platform. Content creators view the app as something that allows them to be who they are. They create the type of content they like in a society of rules and garner recognition, with a likelihood for their creations to go viral.

The TikTok demographic is mostly Gen Z, and the app is the new viral social media platform for today’s youth – a majority of whom are in their twenties. No matter what country, gender, or ethnicity you belong to, if you’ve got good content, you’re likely to get a fan base.

The top TikTokers did not become famous overnight. These users were shot to fame with well-created content that got more likes. There is no doubt that creative and original content can get you TikTok likes, even if you don’t have many followers.

The app is based on creating short music and lip-sync videos. This means the more creative your content, the higher the chance for your videos to get more likes. Statistics show that TikTok creators with the most likes used creative content, such as lip-syncing, viral dancing, comedy skits, beatboxing, and the like, to go viral.

The top TikTok account based on likes is Flighthouse, a digital entertainment brand with over 1 billion views per month, more than 2 billion likes, and over 26 million fans. Below is a list of the top 50 accounts on TikTok based on likes. Clicking on a profile will show you more detailed statistics about the user.